electrostatic = long term results

Repainting Consultation


We are a professional metal restoration paint company, restoring metal and aluminum accessories is our only business. 


If you have an outdoor accessory that is screaming "Yuk" call us to beautify and restore to life, with added warranty! 

We work in busy malls, and retail stores nationwide, travel, and overnight work, call us to discuss your project needs.


electrostatic services

Renew and restore aluminum, steel, iron, metals 

There's no reason your exteriors can't maintain the vibrancy of your interiors! From 24-48 month warranty available, for aluminum, steel, wrought iron and all metals, just ask. 


Metal paint to preserve outdoor items

You understand the need to conserve and beautify your outdoor equipment and valuables, let us get it just right, and make it last!

  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting
  • Perfect Color Match 
  • Minimal Over spray
  • Restoration consultation 
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Exterior paint removal
  • Impact windows
  • Storefront windows and displays
  • Outdoor equipment 



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electrostatic painting is what we're about

Quality matters.


Day in and day out, your outdoor items get beat by the sun and elements, we are here to bring the beauty back and make it last!


Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

electro painting services


painting services

Exterior Home Painting:
A touch up for a house is nice, but what about the windows, doors and gates?

Paint Removal:
We know how to put it on, but we also know how to take it off. Sand and media blasting for on-site preparation, as well as paint stripping and manual prep provided for proper re-coating.

Storefront painting

Your clients will be pleased  when we work together, without over spray or noticeable mess and best durability.